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The best identity of a musician is he who has a good number of followers. And they often are found to be the most successful musicians.

To achieve the expected goals the main part is to be well renowned in a short period of time. The more he will be known, the more it will be good for his music career.

Anyone count on you will be depending on the number of followers you have. Having a good number of followers will give a great push to the musician.

So, to be on the top ranking list you will need a good number of followers first.

Many people have become popular musicians artists from Soundcloud. You can also expect to be the same.

But every success needs a good sacrifice.

Here your sacrifice might be your valuable time. But if you want to save it, then you will need to spend a few bucks for the promotion of your channel.

100 followers can be a great start for beginners to promote the channel. But gaining this much followers can take up to some months, for some people it may take up to a year or two.

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Every day a few thousand soundtracks are uploads to Soundcloud. It is a very highly competitive platform to get quick achievements.

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This spending of a few bucks can help you build a successful career in the music industry.

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