Best Way to Get More Soundcloud Followers

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The Best Way to Get More SoundCloud Followers:

To make your profile prominent, two things need to happen: Exercise your genius with fixing objectives and putting in the effort to gain visibility on your sounds. Work like knowing these warming ways to get more SoundCloud Followers

Best Way to Get More Soundcloud Followers

1. Build a network. The best way to gain

Networking and partnership are two-way street. The best way to gain important followers is to be one of you. Use the Search and Charts to find and follow like-minded creators, pay attention carefully, and give honest feedback often. Consider quality over quantity, and adapt your suggestions, constructive criticism, or praise according to each track and profile. Fellow creators will place importance on your genuine contribution and will perform the same for you.

2. What is The Artist Union?

The Artist Union is a name-brand site that provides free downloads in exchange for the downloader to either follow, like, or repost the song on Soundcloud or Spotify. Some services offer the following for download:. The Artist Union’s platform offers easy incorporation with every social media platform, is extremely easy to use, and comprises a feature called “Inner Circle” that allows you an army of reposts from your fans every time you release a song!

3. Leave Comments

Again, I am adding that this all goes back to showing real interest in what other people are doing out there. Leaving comments in other people’s innovative tracks and mixes is a influential tool, even more so than having a favourites list. This is because you have enlarged your visibility by leaving your mark in a song or mix that several people who don’t know or follow you are paying attention to. If you just so happen to say something interesting, they may be convinced to check your SoundCloud page on the merit of a single comment. However, I’d like to highlight the word “merit” here. You are required to say something interesting or insightful when you leave your two cents. “Great track!” generally won’t cut it. Leave a comment about something detailed you liked about the song. Or, if somebody has a question they left, reply to it. Post a track ID on a mix that doesn’t have a tracklist. How about a link to a blog post you wrote encouraging the song in question? All of these types of comments are positive and can help expand your presence on SoundCloud. You don’t have to leave comments on the whole thing you listen to, but keep in mind that each one you leave creates a potential path back to your page.

4. Grow Multiple Social Channels

In the year 2019, we require options. Providentially, this tool is easily modified. Whether you’re looking for Facebook fan page likes, Soundcloud comments, follows, or favourites, YouTube channel subscribers, or Spotify followers, The Artist Union Gate has you covered. Simply check box for the ones you wish the downloader to do when they download. Keep in mind the more hoops you make the person go through to download, the less likely they are to do it! You can even set up contributions if you desire! There’s a way to maximise your donations.

5. Grow Multiple Accounts at Once

This way is really good I can’t fully explain how influential it truly is. The Artist Union not only initiates the downloader follow the artist’s account but it also allows up to 3 MORE ACCOUNTS to be added to the following gate. This single feature opens up so many doors for greater growth.

6. You Can Team Up With Blogs/Repost Channels

Have you ever been moved towards by a homeless guy asking for money?
It kind of makes the experience uncomfortable, right? Think of how these channels feel getting hit up ALL DAY by artists looking for a free handout. They provide nothing other than what every other artist offers—their songs. You don’t need to be like that homeless artist. Be an artist that offers real value. A good deal is followed and liked. Think about it, who doesn’t desire to grow their brand?
Move towards these brands with an offer to grow their SoundCloud. Offer to put them on your download gate in replacement for a quick repost.

7. Amplification

Distributing your SoundCloud profile to all your social networks online will further expand your fan base. One good twist deserves another, so make sure to perform the same on your social networks, and make your SoundCloud profile stand out on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Receive the advantage of your profile and track descriptions to give an introduction about you and your work, disclose a story, and ask people to click the repost button if they like your content. Encouraging people to share your music will result in more shares than not telling them to do so, and this will lead to more followers.

8. Google search optimisation

Google likes space. Instead of User123, make it your name. Google also likes recurrence. Repeating your Display Name in your Profile URL and linking with your other social networks will assist you in climbing up the ladder on Google search results.

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