Top 10 Mistakes artists always make on Soundcloud

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Top 10 Mistakes Artists Always Make on SoundCloud:

More or less every active, pertinent musician is now using Soundcloud. The platform is an immense way to promote a community, to get feedback on your tracks and to interact and showcase with people who are into the approach that you are taking. It’s simple, basically free and can’t be missed in the repertoire of any musician who’s expecting to create a name for him.
In this article, I’m going to disclosing the most common mistakes that I see musicians make on Soundcloud and explain how to fix them. We’ll talk about simple yet vital things. To begin the topic, we’re going to examine three different feature of Soundcloud game. First of all, is the ‘set up‘ of your account. Second is the ‘content‘, how you control and present it, and lastly is about your ‘conduct‘ towards your community and account.

Top 10 Mistakes Artists Always Make on Soundcloud

The Set Up Remember, initial impressions always last.

You desire to make sure that everyone that visits your SoundCloud profile right away gets a good impression of you. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make sure that all the account set-up details are set correctly. The basics should all be put in place, and presented nicely.

Mistake #1: Your URL Isn’t Consistent With Other Platforms

The extension that your profile has on Soundcloud should be equal to the ones you have on other social media platforms. If you’re running with, then you want the same ‘/thebestbandever’ extension on your SoundCloud account. You can edit this in your account settings, under ‘Basic Profile’.

Mistake #2: Social Links Are Missing, Entirely

Increasingly, social media profiles have become the go-to of the younger generation. The greater part of people, and mainly the demographic of 15-25 years old, immediately look to social media profiles when further investigating an artist they have just discovered. I’m sure you’ve come across a band that you liked on Facebook, went to their ‘about’ section and discovered that there weren’t any links to their other social media profiles there. Annoying right? So straightforward, yet this key point is missed out on by so many acts.

Soundcloud has incorporated the ability to add social media links to your profile, and even adds the correct thumbnail images to the links of the larger sites. You can correct these under your ‘Advanced Profile’ settings. When setting these up, I recommend that you restrict the amount of networks you use. The essential links are: website (, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Everything else is immaterial, and the more options you present to people, the less likely they are to click any of them.

Soundcloud is a community platform that’s heavily focused on allowing you to discover new stuff, through what’s trending and by involving findings and content of people you’ve already connected with. As a result, a halfway decent Soundcloud stroller will often come across a new act.

Mistake #3: Basic Bio and Contact Information Is Missing

A common mistake I see bands make is that they don’t provide a short and to-the-point life story, and some contact information, on their profile. Preferably, you put your content email address on top, or that of your booker/manager, followed with a short bio of who you are. The bio must be about 50-250 words, and looks best when written in third person. Include impressive about who you are, what you do, and any labels you’re associated with, and incorporate some achievements. Some acts also desire to incorporate their gig agenda, or archive, however somebody feels that’s pointless as no one will look to your Soundcloud profile for that.

People moves to your Soundcloud profile to listen to your music. When they do, they’ll either listen to the first track that’s on top of your feed, or to the one with the most likely plays and comments.

Mistake #4: The Best, Most Representative Work Isn’t Readily Presented

What you desire to perform, is to make sure that these people have a good shot at listening to some of your most excellent material. And, that they’ll be with no trouble able to identify the tracks, who made them, what type of mixes and recordings they are, and any sub-genres or influences they’re specific to.

Mistake #5: And don’t upload everything!

Intended for people that are new to your band, and music, you only have a single shot at make an impression them. You know how it goes: if you find out a new artist, you’ll offer one track, maybe two, a shot, and if those aren’t to your liking, you’ll go on. So, it’s essential that you don’t put everything you make on your Soundcloud account.
In no doubt, a Soundcloud upload is less secure than a track distributed to iTunes or Beatport, however it’s still in the public domain, and fans you win on Soundcloud can definitely become paying customers for shows and actual releases. Ideally, your profile should become a showcase of all the astonishing ended work you’ve made and released, so that every latent visitor can be surprised and impressed by your expertise.

Mistake #6: Uploading half-baked, ‘work in progress’ tracks

When considering an upload, consider of it like this: Is this really ready for release? Do I consider this as a finished track? If so, then move for it, put it up.

There will also be people that debate that they like placing ‘work in progress’ tracks on their profiles, and that Soundcloud is the platform on which they feel free sufficient to do this and get some live feedback from their friends and fans. To that, I argue that the majority of the biggest acts out there don’t perform it, and that the advantage of getting that live feedback will be extreme less than that of giving a great feeling off the bat.
Track Details

Mistake #7: Simple mislabeling

Your music should be right away findable, based on the track title, your artist name, and the keywords and genres associated with it. That’s why it’s key that you label everything correctly. With the new Soundcloud update, the platform now suggests that adding your artist name in a track upload is no longer necessary. I say that’s wrong.
Why? Because with the new re-post feature, people can now re-post your tracks to their own feed. And the only way to then trace the name of the original artist is by looking at the very small reference to the original up loader.

Mistake #8: Forgetting to Identify your custom

In terms of genre, always make sure to place the correct genre as the first Keyword’ to the track. You desire to do this, because Soundcloud has an explore function, which indexes all the ‘trending’ tracks within a particular genre. Soundcloud’s only way to describe the genre is through the keywords, and the first one that’s fixed in the player, is often the most valuable in realizing that. on the other hand, the platform’s search function browses through keywords as well, so if you search for ‘electro’, it’ll find tracks who have that word entrenched in its title, keywords and lastly description.

Other keywords that are significant to include are the original artist, associated artists, record label and possibly the place where you’re from, or clubs you’ve played. Apply a filter on what you upload, and when you do decide to put something up, make it easily findable and recognizable. Separately from the music, the most necessary constituent of Soundcloud is its community aspect. If you handle to maintain and interrelate with these properly, you’ll be able to promote a growing community, establish new relationships and develop true fans. There’s a few basic rules as well policy of conduct that would provide every artist on Soundcloud well to adhere to.

Mistake #9: Not using your account!

This is the most one common mistake there seen artists make on Soundcloud. The majorities of them use the platform daily, but don’t bother to log into their possess account, and like and act together with the material they like.
It is true that an engaged and lively account is much more likely to foster a community, and will also energy you to get a true feel of the details of the platform.

So, every time you employ it, log in, like the tracks you love, and keep it lively.

Mistake #10: Never spam others

The entire idea following the comment system, and the waveform players, is that people would be able to leaving appropriate and constructive feedback on people their music. It’s inferred to add value, to help artists make better music, and to allow fans to praise what they think is immense. There’s always been a group of people on that platform that put comments along the lines of.

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