Top 5 tips to get your first 100 SoundCloud Followers in a week

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Top 5 tips to get your first 100 SoundCloud followers in a week:

Providentially, social networks like SoundCloud work exponentially: the more followers you have, the more people will see and follow you—the more you work, the easier it gets. Let’s start with the very basic but beneficial tips that will provide your first contacts, and branch out from there.

Top 5 tips to get your first 100 SoundCloud Followers in a week

Step 1: Produce and Post High-Quality, Well-Presented Tracks:

This is what SoundCloud is about—your material should be original, innovative, and high-quality. The superior it is the more follows, comments, and reposts you will obtain. Remember to tag your material widely: this means genre, subgenre, influences, and even the particular instruments and technologies that you used, especially if it’s something iconic like a TR-808 or a TB-303.

Provide your tracks with forceful titles, and include details. Make quality images for your account and music releases, in line with the standard of your music—this may seem shallow, but it’s how the up-to-date industry works. If you desire to keep costs low ($5), you can get a great-looking logo from one of the designers working on Fiverr, or, if it suits you, attempt using some beautiful Creative Commons images.

Step 2: Follow and Get in Touch with New People:

You will require making quite an effort to win your first few followers, but they are the indispensable foundation of your fanbase. Surf SoundCloud for a bit and find someone with good music of a similar type to you, though not a superstar, or else they might not have time for you. Follow them and send them a message informing a particular track of theirs that you enjoyed.

If you maintain likely friendships, and keep your contacts up to date, they will most likely assist you by commenting on and reposting your tracks. Now is the time to engage yourself in SoundCloud: surf the site each day, maintain liking, following, and commenting, and people will notice you.

Step 3: Join and Post to Relevant Groups:

Hold on surfing and find groups that go with you and your music, such as your location and type. Once you’ve found some good ones, act together with the tracks that are posted there and post your own material. Posting your tracks will bring in them to a new audience, guaranteed to be applicable, while commenting will show to the group members that you know your stuff, encouraging them to visit your page and see what you perform.

Don’t just spam groups with every single dance beat you produce, choose the most relevant material for a given group and post it there. By making a valuable contribution to a community, they will be a precious part of your audience.

Step 4: Social:

Google+ is argumentative, but the music groups on there are another great community that can help you create a following, according to Bass Gorilla. When you’re set up, share your tracks on Google with hashtags to relevant genres, etc. You can promote your SoundCloud page’s searchability, resulting in more traffic and more followers.

Different people employ different social networks, so your best bet is to use all of the top ones: Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, including making your artist page on Google and Facebook. Post your new tracks, ask questions, answer questions, and usually be interesting. The most winning social posts are as high quality as your music and tailored for each social network.

Step 5: Stay Away From Bots:

There are services out there that present instant fans, plays, comments, and re-posts for a fee. We strongly consider that any number of fake fans couldn’t come close to the value that one real fan offers you as an artist. Fans who enjoy your music will be likely to buy each new release, come to see you play live, and share your SoundCloud page with their friends, driving more followers your way.

To sum it all up:

While your content is really good and you follow the steps mentioned, there’s no reason why you can’t wake up on Sunday to find that you’ve broken the 100-follower mark.

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