How To Get Real SoundCloud Comments

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How to Get Real SoundCloud Comments in 2024.

Nowadays, everybody knows the importance of social networking, and there is no hesitation that Soundcloud is an enormous part of a musician’s “virtual career.”. Having a lot of comments, likes, and shares is not only good and motivational for your personality; rather, it can be a proof of credibility. One of the prime challenges for an unrecognised musician is to encourage people to listen to their music. Having a lot of comments on a track can inspire you to give that musician an opportunity. The reason is that it is very easy—if there are so many people commenting on it, it might be good! Thus, I am sharing what works to get more comments on music.

How to get soundcloud comment

Hopefully, these tips are so useful for you. So let’s launch!

1: Select a nice picture!

Surely you believe that the picture has really a huge impact on people’s viewpoints of you and makes you prominent. It’s a fact that image matters, so having an eye-catching picture can always help! By this, I don’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on doing photo shoots or buying unprecedented clothes. However, choosing the right logo, font, design, color effect, etc. for your Soundcloud playlist will not only catch the eye of your perfect audience but also give the listener a suggestion of what type your music is also. Granting them to learn what it is about and, most highly, how serious and professional you are about your work. There is no disbelief that being taken seriously will assist you out in getting that performance, that contract, job etc. You can moreover ask a friend of yours to get a nice picture of you or simply use an image editing software like Photoshop to produce a Logo or a personal signature. There are thousands of free online tutorials about photo editing so there is really huge opportunity to do that properly. However if you don’t have enough money to pay Photoshop don’t worry, there are so many free options out there.

2: Create your songs Public

This is an extremely effective tip which can bring a lot of comments and likes and shares for your music. In regard to promote music, you have to show it to people so it has to remain public. However, when you put them under private, something interesting occurs. Soundcloud has a system where you put a track on private and choose only a couple of people to share it with; those people receive an email in their mailbox (not the Soundcloud one) stating that X musician shared a song privately with you. What I used to do was upload a song and make it “private” with everybody I had followed on Soundcloud. This means that everybody who has the mail option activated would receive an email saying that my new tune would be in there. Obviously, not everyone will like it! The only downside nowadays is that Soundcloud limited the amount of people you can share it privately with in one go; whereas before it used to be the whole list, and so everyone would receive the email. These days you can only share it privately with 100 people at a time. However, 100 people are quite a lot and if you target the emails to the right people you can get a lot of comments for your songs and that’s the most important!

3: Add SoundCloud on your Facebook fan page

Before a couple of years, adding SoundCloud to your Facebook used to be the easiest thing! But for some reason, Soundcloud stops supporting this possibility. As an alternative, if you go to their website looking for some sort of app to add to your Facebook fan page, they will express that they are not currently performing it and will forward you to other third-party free products such as BandPage or Fan RX (Band RX).

4: Post on Music Forums and Subreddits

You need to increase the word about your SoundCloud profile to get more listeners. The simplest way to do this is to post links to your profile on relevant forums and subreddits. There are a huge number of forums and subreddits out there dedicated solely to music, and many music lovers make use of these as resources to find new artists. Do some research to find the most relevant forums and subreddits in your place, and start posting!

5: Employ Sponsored Tweets / mentions

In order to attract new listeners, it is always beneficial to tweet links to your SoundCloud tracks. But that only limits you to your current fan base. You can expand your music’s exposure even further by using sponsored mentions. With sponsored mentions, also acknowledged as sponsored tweets, popular influencers get paid to tweet and recommend your music to their massive, loyal following. This will really attract a vast amount of targeted attention and listeners, both quickly and organically.

6: Design an attractive avatar

When it comes to solidifying your identity on SoundCloud, I cannot stress enough how important good design is! Now you can dispute all you desire about how the music should do the talking, but a well-designed avatar can attract listeners subconsciously. Similarly, an ugly avatar that has no shortage of played-out bevel, emboss, and lens flare filters thrown all over it does the opposite! Whether your listeners understand it or not, it’s a guarantee they will assume a professionally designed logo will result in equally refined music, and vice versa. Crux Records is a perfect example of an eye-catching, elegantly designed avatar.
A significant thing to keep in mind, however, is to make sure the design is optimised for thumbnail size. In so many instances, your logo will be seen as a small box on either a followers list or on the timeline of a song you commented on, so it has to translate nicely both small and large. Using just two or three primary colors, an eye-catching photo of you, minimal text, or simple patterns will help ensure an eye-pleasing avatar

7: Make a Music Video

Though the songs are great, the music videos are even better. Consumers’ claims for video content are rapidly rising. Sharing music videos on your social media pages with a link to your SoundCloud profile is a highly effective cross-promotion social media marketing strategy. Research consistently shows that video content receives more shares and higher engagement than any other content on the web. Making a music video will also give your fans visuals to memorise you and your music, giving much more benefits than just attracting more plays on SoundCloud.

8: Comment On Related SoundCloud Tracks

If you’re a hopeful alternative artist, work to find and connect with other artists in your position. The simplest way to do this is to comment on these artists’ SoundCloud tracks. Not only will you forge new relationships, but you will also increase your visibility within the SoundCloud community, enhancing your exposure to potential listeners in your niche, as mentioned by SoundCloud. However, the means here is to leave high-quality comments. You desire to show a genuine interest and leave comments that are upbeat and constructive.

On the other hand, a cursory “Great Song!” or “Nice Track!” isn’t going to cut it. You want to leave comments that show off your knowledge and cultivate a positive status on the site. Remember, every comment you leave is a strong path for a new listener to get to your page, so you always desire to make a great first impression.

9: Use a Favourites List

Soundcloud’s interface makes it easy to stream mixes at the click of a mouse without having to wait for them to download. Use the dashboard to see what the people you follow have uploaded, and go out of your way to save the ones you like to your favourites list. Using favourites is a good bookmarking tool. Search has been added to the most recent update, plus, your friends will see that you took the time to favourite the mixes of theirs that you (hopefully) liked, making them more likely to return the favour.

10: Tagging, Tagging, Tagging

Tag is every potential description you can with the songs that you upload. If you upload DJ mixes, be sure to tag them with the names of well-liked producers and record labels of the tracks they comprise. Always tag the type of music as well. The more tags, the better. Tagging will instantly increase your search ranking and visibility on SoundCloud. The majority of your listeners will discover your page through nothing more than a simple search to find songs that happen to be included in the mixes you uploaded.

The bottom line?

When it comes to drawing more listeners to SoundCloud, it is likely to be best to use a multifaceted approach. Influence marketing tactics, such as purchasing plays, Facebook ads, and sponsored tweets, along with organic tactics, such as commenting on related SoundCloud tracks and developing an active presence in relevant music forums and subreddits. If you invest both a lot of time and a bit of money in boosting your visibility on SoundCloud, you are bound to attract more listeners!

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