Top 10 tips for optimizing your Soundcloud profile to gain fans

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Top 10 tips for optimizing your SoundCloud profile to gain fans

Soundcloud isn’t just a platform to upload songs, it’s an amazing place where you can present your brand. A good number of artists and producers believe it’s okay to just post any random image with their song and be done with it, but there are certainly so many ways to optimize your Soundcloud to look more professional and eventually build a better brand.
Top 10 tips for optimizing your Soundcloud profile to gain fans

1. Get follows for downloads

This is one of the biggest outgrowth hacks you can do just now to build your SoundCloud following. Instead of just offering free downloads on Soundcloud, make use of a third-party site like to trade Soundcloud followers for free downloads. Different prominent artists have used this approach to grow their projects at unbelievable rates.

2. Use Emojis in your Username

This is a little technique we use on the Cymatics Soundcloud. Soundcloud nowadays allows you to use eye-catching emojis in your user name. This assists your track to stick out like keen on the people’s newsfeed. We would like to use the checkmark in our name, but there are many others you can use.

3. Simple Profile Description

There have been so many producers and artists who write huge paragraph descriptions about their projects. It’s so tough to hold someone’s attention long enough for them to read a tweet, much less in a long project description. The best ones that have seen are sweet and simple and those have a few links out to their socials and have an email contact.

4. Soundcloud Background and Profile Image

This one is optional; also it can provide your profile with a very artsy and professional look. Artists like Gallant and Maxx Live have great examples regarding this. This is a brilliant way to improve your “image” and brand.

5. Reply to all comments

It’s funny how a lot of artists don’t even pay attention to showing any love to all the listeners who take time to leave them a comment. When somebody leaves a comment, it’s the ideal time to engage with your listener. You can take 15 seconds to just leave a “Thank You” and it makes a huge difference in that person’s day. Have you still had an artist retweet you or respond to you in a comment? It frequently feels very good, no matter how vast they are.

6. Make a second account

Many artists have been performing this strategy as a good one. You can create a second Soundcloud account that you make followers on. This account can simply repost good music. You can drive it kind of like a mini music blog on Soundcloud. A top-secret tip is to use a picture of a pretty girl… works every time!

7. Find other SoundClouds that repost music.

At present, hundreds of Soundclouds only repost other people’s music. And guess what? A lot of them contain a huge amount of followers. You should make a huge list of all these profiles and then send them messages every time you release a track. Inquire them if they would mind reposting your song. Even getting on a few of these channels could add 10k plays to your song over time.

8. Get Pro Account

Soundcloud Pro Account is going to provide you access to analytics about your audience. This is going to be very useful for marketing campaigns in the future. Plus fastening tracks is going to be so important because you want to make sure the tracks you want get the attention of your audience.

9. Use Soundcloud Groups

Though this shouldn’t be your main approach for getting plays and comments, rather this is a great way to get an initial 1000 plays and 10-20 comments. It provides your song with a bit of social proof before you send it out to blogs and other channels.

10. Use Track Description

The track description is a great place to talk to your audience. Talk about how you created the song or maybe talk about what stimulated you to write it. You could even have a call to action and let know them to download the song or follow you on Soundcloud. Regardless of what you tell them in the description, you should have something there as important for the people who want to learn more.

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