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SoundCloud is a global online audio distribution platform which facilitates its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. In regard to using this online it bears both merit and demerit about which a meaningful debate is furnished below:

soundcloud plays servioce

The Pros:

A utmost thing about SoundCloud is the fact that you have the alternative of either uploading an already recorded audio, or recording it on the spot. It’s fast and not time consuming at all.

It helps make stronger your Social Credibility. A boost can make your song look so popular and will attract more people to hear it.

You have the alternative of either sharing your music and audio messages privately with friends, or publicly to blogs, sites, and social networks.

It can draw a lot of attention, including from the media, record companies and agents.

Support Conversation and attain people talking. You can also buy Likes and Comments as well to stir up comments and can avail people talking.

Top 5 tricks to define fake SoundClouds plays, likes and followers:

Here is 5 reasons why it’s a harmful idea to buy these services, and also what to do as an alternative when you’re trying to get more listeners.

1. How to tell when the plays are fake
There’s a few ways to spot a fake service out.
If they provide a stiff number of plays instead of a range (Fake)
If they speak about them being ‘safe’ plays (Fake)
If they promise likes, comments, and re-posts (Fake)
Why are these fake indicators?
Real as well as true promotion services usually provide a range of plays that will be delivered because the achievement of the promotion depends on the song.

2. Fake people can’t give you real feedback.
It might actually be a GOOD sign if you promote two songs with the same amount of money and they get different results.
Also, fake people can’t give you real money whichever! Whether this would be streaming revenue or album sales, the technology is advanced enough to pick up whether the person listening to, it may be a real person. If it’s real people you can bet that the effects of the promotion will linger afterwards because people will play your song again and again if they enjoy it.

3. Your account could get suspended!
The cause why some fake services will advertise about their plays as ‘safe’ is because artists have achieved their profiles taken down from using fake plays before.
It’s not worth the risk of having to rebuild your profile from scratch all to generate the illusion of popularity.
Even if it is cheap, you should invest a little more for a genuine service.

4. SoundCloud promotion vs play.
If a larger SoundCloud channel sells re-posts on their page, it’s completely ok to buy.
That’s promotion to me instead of just ‘plays’.
Music promotion is dissimilar than plays because all it guarantees is to put your music out there, which is a good thing.
Sincerely, who cares if people play your music one time and never listen to it again?
That’s not the type of people you’re going for.
You’re going for those people who will play it repeatedly!

5. You can wisely invest instead
If no genuine people hear your music, then you have no possibility of making a career as an artist.
It is still seeing that artists wasting precious time by not investing wisely in themselves.
Many will take all the time and money in the world to invest in gear (which you require to), but don’t forget that except an audience, you have no career.


In this content there mentioned about advantages and disadvantages of SoundCloud, Even there added 5 reasons of why you should never buy SoundClouds plays, likes and followers. In short from my point of view it can be noted that if it is possible to eliminate the fake indicators as mentioned above then this precious global online audio distribution platform would be adequately enables to its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. However what about the final decision? Final decision is yours. Based on the information as stated above you can analyze and then you can take decision on this.

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